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  MP3 Players
Apple's iPod nano
Overall, the iPod nano, for me, has been a very dependable device. I've been using it everyday for the past year and a half.
iPod AV Connection Kit #MA242LL/A
The iPod AV Connection Kit gives you a lot of things that previously you had to purchase separately. Although not entirely a bargain, you will save money buying the kit (than if you were to purchase each item by themselves).
Kensington iPod StereoDock 33164
The Kensington 33164 iPod StereoDock is a high quality unit. It is convenient as a charging base and works well with my stereo receiver.
Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones
The Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones is, by far, the best sounding earphones I've had thus far. The highs, and the booming lows, are much clearer than Apple's in-ear and, with a wide selection of earphone sleeves, I'm sure you'll be able to find the perfect fit.

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