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my favorite places on the internet...

Jokerinc acjoker: The source of my jokes. I always have a lot of fun there.
Amazon Amazon: If you're into books, movies, music, you'll spend a lot of time there.
Apple Apple: Everything you need to know, or don't want to know, about the Macintosh.
Ceilings Plus Ceilings Plus: My place of employment. Great group of people. Everyday's a challenge and, of course, a lot of fun. I use a Mac and PC. Most of the graphics I do are on the Mac and the PC is primarily for cad (Autocad 14).
Fishing Fishing: Where to go and when. Lately, when I'm not golfing, biking, motorcycling or on the computer, I go to Lake Perris, in Southern California, and go bass fishing (catch and release of course.)
Harley Davidson Harley-Davidson: Lot's of information (models, specs, prices & where to buy...) The new models are out, and I've got my eyes on that softail.
The Kawamura's of Florida. My brother and his family and then some...
Los Angeles Lakers: Another championship?
Macromedia Macromedia: They make incredible tools for web site development. They are easy to learn and use. Hey, look at what I've done.
Slope Scale Slope-Scale: Radio control slope racers and gliders. Check it out. The ultimate in radio control experience. Owned by a friend of mine.
Green Beans Produce greenbeansproduce.com, the site of Niki and Daryl's

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