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You have to understand. I'm a Macintosh user...
Apple Apple: Everything you need to know, or don't want to know, about the Macintosh.

where to buy (accessories,hardware/software-macintosh)

www.macconnection.com MacConnection
www.macmall.com MacMall
www.warehouse.com/apple MacWarehouse
www.zones.com Mac Zone
www.macsolutions.com Mac Solutions

where to buy (accessories,hardware/software-pc)

www.pcconnection.com PC Connection
www.pcmall.com PC Mall
www.pcwarehouse.com PC Warehouse
www.pczones.com PC Zone

software developers (mac and pc)

www.adobe.com Adobe Systems
www.idsoftware.com id Software
www.macromedia.com Macromedia
www.microsoft.com Microsoft
www.symantec.com Symantec

freewares, sharewares (mac and pc)

www.download.com CNET.com
www.zdnet.com ZDNet.com

troubleshooting forums (mac)

discussions.info.apple.com Apple support group
www.macworld.com Macworld forums
www.macfixit.com Trouble shooting solutions for the Macintosh

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