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ATC -All Terrain Cycle
This is Leonard Dacay and his big Chevy. It's always a pain to unload his ATC off his truck. It's worse at the end of the day, when we have to put it back on the truck.

Packing in the morning. Off to Pismo Beach.

Getting fuel. That's Randy and his Green Monster.

That's my Honda 250R. Sure it's been through some rough times, but it rides great.

Morning at Pismo. Sure is crowded here

Setting up camp at Pismo Beach.

Leonards' truck.

Randy and his Dodge.

Hey Leonard, how's that rice?

Leonard, after a big meal...

Soon afterwards. It's nap time.

That's Leonard's brother Jed.

Yep, I think we all had a great meal.

Sometimes, you gotta' go.

Say, did we bring enough fuel?

This is fun. Didn't quite make it.

Almost there.

The Savage!!! Leonard Dacay and his 250R, all the way to the top.

Someone fell off. When you fall off, your atc keeps going, and going...

Hey Randy, you okay?

Checking the oil for the trip home.

Randy's Green Monster.


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