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My Tools

Computer 1:
Apple Mac Pro with two 2.66GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon "Woodcrest" processors.
4GB (4 x 1GB) of ram, ATI Radeon X1900 XT graphics card with 512MB GDDR3 SDRAM memory, (1) 500GB Seagate (3) 500GB Western Digital, NEC ND4570A (48x/32x CD-R/RW, 16x DVD±R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD±R DL), OS X 10.4.x and XP Pro SP2 (via Boot Camp).
Computer 2:
Apple Power Macintosh G4 FW800 dual 1.42 GHz.
2GB of ram, ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card with 128MB ddr sdram, 120GB Western Digital, (2) 120GB Seagate, 120GB Maxtor, NEC 16x DVD +/- RW, Lite-On 52x24x52x, 56k internal modem, OS X 10.3.9.
Hardware: Planar WS231 - 23" LCD, Dell 2405FPW 24" widescreen LCD, Lacie 120 GB, 250 GB and 500 GB firewire external drive, Iomega 250 meg zip drive, Microtech usb floppy, M-Audio MobilePre, Rode Broadcaster, Canopus ADVC 100 digital video converter, Wacom 6x8 graphics tablet, Epson Stylus Photo R320 and a Laserwriter Pro 600.

GoLive, Dimensions, Streamline, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop, all by Adobe. Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Freehand and Flash by Macromedia. DivX Pro by DivX. Amadeus by HairerSoft. Microsoft Office, Quark Xpress & MiniCAD.
Of course, DVD Studio Pro, GarageBand, Final Cut Express/Pro, iMovie, iDVD, LiveType, Motion, Quicktime Pro and Soundtrack Pro, by Apple.

Microsoft Office, AutoCAD 2004, Solidworks 2006.
Accessories: Canon Powershot S500 (see my review), Canon Digital Rebel XT (see my review), Sony DCR-TRV950 camcorder (see my review), Sony DCR-PC101 camcorder (see my review).

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