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Harley Davidson XL883C Sportster Custom
It's been over three years since I bought my XL883C Sportster Custom. I haven't changed it much. Pretty much stock.

I did add a fork mounted leather bag to carry some tools. Last year, the left mirror came loose, along with the turn signal. All I could do was put the mirror in my pocket, and ride all the way home with the turn signal dangling from the handlebar. (That's why the leather bag and tools).

So far, my experiences on the bike have been memorable and mostly enjoyable.

I went to a bike show in Hemet...

...went to a bike meet in Palm Springs...

...and a toy run in Pomona.

All I need is a small digital camera, so I can post some pictures of these events on this site.

I have some pictures.
[Click Here]

A while ago, I met this person at a local gas station, who likes to be known as "Misty".

She rides a Y2K Fat Boy.

Straight pipes, lot's of chrome...

This is what her bike sounds like...


And, of course, this is mine.


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